Sam Valentim

About Us

About Us

More than 30 years of experience

Samvalentim is a trademark of Rosalina Pereira Carvalho, Indústria Textil Lda.

Its founders Valentim Pereira and Rosalina Pereira de Carvalho come from families linked to textiles, once hand-embroidered tablecloths ... antique sieve, cross stitch, open hem, mediums, among other techniques ... the well-known embroidery of Lixa.
In 1984, the idea arose of putting together a line of products linked to bed linen and a new era begins. With half a dozen sewing machines and so many collaborators, with the name Ropercar, a small confection of the stamping began.
In the course of the year 1992, the Samvalentim brand was born and since then the company has been developing new and different products. Facing a demanding market and in frank expansion the idea of embroidery was born since they were part of the DNA of the family and then the acquisition of the first embroidery machines arises, which would be the turning point where the company has been walking until the days of today.
Subsequently and due to the diversity we wanted to give to our products, we started a new process of innovation and as such the acquisition of a shiffley machine of lace and allovers, thus creating a new line of embroidery.
Since then and until today, the brand SAMVALENTIM aims to be recognized for innovation and quality in the confection of its products providing its customers with a brand with annual renewal but also the production customized according to what customers want in the products.

...table, bath and bed...